Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hotel View. Outside Vaduz; and Sgraffito. Nandeln, Liechtenstein.

Where to stay.  Here is a site with lists of Hostels, see The Backpacking Site, at ://  To find some of them, you may need a GPS just to save time.

We drove past Vaduz to get oriented first.  And found a fine, business-traveler oriented hotel, the Schachle, at Nendeln. Vaduz is a district, as well as the town capital, of Liechtenstein. There are plenty of places to stay near Vaduz, just watch the traffic noise because there seems to be one main roadway through the entire area. Our preference: stay in local places, serving regular business travelers and not mainly tourists.  Those are easy to find here.

The topography set-up repeats - flat valley floor, mountains, and slopes with residential communities and municipalities rising up.  There were few hotels high up - enjoy the views from there, then come back to earth to spend the night.
Watch for sgraffito, the decorative technique of etching into plaster and revealing bases of coloring for patterns on buildings.  See ://

Vaduz is the capital. No cows there.

Cows here, outside the hotel window.  One by the main road there, two under trees.  There is much variation from bucolic country to citified.  Same street, just a mile or so.

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