Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planken - Mountaintop municipality, Liechtenstein

Planken is one of about 11 administrative divisions or "communes" in Liechtenstein, see  It is a cluster of homes in a community high on a mountainside, reached after switchback after switchback up the narrow, barely two-lane, a whisker to pass if necessary, roadway.

This is a prosperous country-principality, busy commuters. The slope of the community is reflected in the name, Planken, from the "Romansch" plaunca, meaning slope. See the nice green diagonal with a star showing that. See ://


The Planken coat of arms shows a Star of David (to us), but in Switzerland, at Murten, we were told that the same six-sided star sign meant then something different, just the Star guiding the Wise Men. See Switzerland Road Ways.

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