Friday, September 25, 2009

Vaduz, street views and driving survival

Vaduz, as the capital of this principality of some 35000 citizens, is tightly compacted - needed because the Rhine Valley here is flat but with mountainsides rising from it. The town itself is on the valley base, but parts angle necessarily up and up. We rambled coming down from the castle (not open to the public, still lived in).  See Digital Liechtenstein, the Portal of the Principality, at ://

Roads twist, few front yards - why waste the space - and rear-view mirrors are a survival tool. 

A steady creep gets you around. Note the low curbs - it is expected that someone will need to invade pedestrian space.  And mountains are everywhere.
We saw fewer motorcyles in Liechtenstein than in Switzerland or Austria.  The destination points at the heights tend to be residential,  with only perhaps a castle or church to attract visitors.  And the way up is the way down, we think, meaning less visual interest for the biker. It also becomes repetitive, because the slopes we saw remained below the tree lines.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein, rear-view mirrors a must, both directions

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